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The most powerful effect of Yoga on a person’s fertility is the calming, restorative effects on the mind and body. A stable mind and body promotes fertility. In addition to stress relief, Yoga improves the blood circulation, boost the nervous system, facilitate the hormone release, cause muscle stretching and relaxation and also sharpen the mind and  way of thinking.
We will go through various Yogic Asanas (exercises) and find out, how it helps in boosting the female fertility.
Vipareethathrikonasanam:The pelvis get tilted in this asana. The internal pelvic organs like uterus, tubes, ovaries gets mobilized in the asanas, where pelvic movement is involved.
Veerbandhasanam:-The spine gets stretched bettering the nervous supply. This can improve blood supply to ovary & help ovulation.
Padmasanam:-The posture helps in compressing ovaries towards the inner pelvic wall and stimulates it for ovulation. 

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Vajrasanam:-Here the heels are pressing  the area, where the pudendal vessels and nerves are passing. The structures provide nerve supply to the perineum. This is also good for hemorrhoids (piles) which can have associated dilated veins near the uterus also.
Ardha Matsyendrasanam:-The pelvic tilt provides massaging effect to the uterus, tubes and ovaries.
Numerous  problems in the uterus like tumors (fibroids), polyps, endometriosis can be prevented by this. The insufficient inner lining (endometrium) is a cause for failure for implantation of embryo (sticking of newborn fetus) even after IVF. The improvement of lining will help better implantation and pregnancy rates.
Ardha Salabhasanam:-When the legs are stretched upwards, it  helps in calming down the nerves, which will  improve fertility.
Dhanurasanam:- The body is  bent like a bow .The ovaries get freed from   minor adhesions by the forceful stretch.
 Navasanam:-The complete blood circulation is pooled in to the pelvic area in this particular posture and helps all the organs by washing away all toxins and supplying all the immune factors, hormones, vitamins and minerals.
 Shada parivartanasanam:-The pelvic tilt in this asana will similarly help the internal organs as the above asanas.
Pavanamukthasanam:-The compresson of legs to the abdomen, will help to squeeze insulin from pancreas and thus avoid, contol or even cure diabetes and help in counteracting PCOS. This also aid in fighting obesity by boosting metabolism.

Pranayamam:-This is the master of all the yogic  exercises. This helps in reducing the stress which will significantly  improve the fertility. It even improves the desire to have a baby as per studies done in Harvard University.  The voluntary slow and controlled breathing  is supposed to calm the mind

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