Yes, there is a cure for the hangover



Q. Just wondering if you have written lately on nutrition related hangover cures – fixes and fallacies? I have had many interested friends, colleagues asking, especially about the role of vitamin C and B’s as well as questions relating to liver detoxification – the role of herbs and nutrients. Hannah

A. Yes, there is a cure for a hangover Hannah and it’s exceptionally effective. It is known on the market as “time”, the same cure for the common cold and youthful looks. As time can’t come in a capsule, and people love capsules, then the hype merchants fill capsules with herbs and vitamins. There is no evidence that vitamins or herbs will diminish the intensity or duration of a hangover, despite the associated hype. Some B vitamins will become deficient in chronic excess alcohol consumption so a supplement may reverse the deficiency, but it won’t reverse the brain and liver damage.

As alcohol causes excessive pee production, and therefore dehydration, the best advice is to drink non-alcoholic drinks spaced in between the alcohol to reduce dehydration and the headache that goes with it. If one of your friends does get hungover then the best anti-dehydrating agent to offer them is a sports drink. So, that’s it Hannah – time and water, or Gatorade.

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