Why Not Reverse Your Heart Disease Symptoms Naturally?


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with heart disease, or has been exhibiting heart disease symptoms, you should just know it’s not the end of the world. Although various forms of heart disease do end up killing half a million people each year in the US alone, there are many ways to naturally reverse it.
Unfortunately most of them are not convenient enough for lazy or weak willed individuals who have this childish notion that they should be able to keep performing the same activities that caused their heart problems in the first place and somehow things will still turnout just fine. Isn’t that what some great mind in history defined as insanity? To continue the same activities but expect to get a different result?
Such persons are usually influenced by the misconception they can get an operation or go on medication, and everything will be just hunky dory. Sorry, heart problems are invariably caused by an excessive and lazy lifestyle, and it only makes sense that reversing them requires the opposite.
There is nothing in existence that can replace reducing stress, regular exercise, and an optimum heart diet. If you expect a heart problem to be reversed in this lifetime, a complete 180 degree turnaround is what it’s going to take. You have to get with the program or become another victim. No exceptions!
Does that sound too harsh? OK – well maybe I can let go of a few shortcuts, but nothing will ever replace a proper diet and exercise. However, I do want you to have some protection while you’re making the adjustment. Besides these natural heart remedies are good to stay on from now on. Because they’re good for you! Here are a few oldies but goodies.
1. Cayenne, organic magnesium, and wheat grass, is a powerful remedy for chest pains associated with heart problems, as well as a good way to repair any previous heart damage resulting from prior heart attacks. This remedy is basically good for any heart problem. Cayenne pepper has been used traditionally as an emergency treatment for heart attacks. Also drinking a ¼ teaspoon mixed in half a cup of water is a phenomenal curative for heart problems, as well as an excellent means of getting vitamin C. Some people work their way up to as much as a tsp. of cayenne at a time. For serious ailments take at least a ¼ tsp. three times a day. Cayenne pepper or cayenne extract is also favored as one of the top ten, high blood pressure remedies.
2. Black strap Molasses has long been revered for it’s ability to strengthen heart muscles. It has a considerable amount of chromium which is good for reversing heart disease, and for a high blood pressure remedy as well. Molasses is rich in organic iron,copper, and also potassium, all of which alkalize the bloodstream to assist in building strong blood plasma which in turn, benefits heart tissues. Molasses also builds and balances the blood stream helping to eliminate toxic conditions that often lead to high blood pressure. Take 2 tbsp in warm water, twice daily. For diabetics take only 1 to 2 tsp.
3. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent curative for blocked arteries. Definitely don’t forget this one for a simple solution to the main cause of heart disease, and as the best tonic for natural heart care. It’s an alternative intervention for bypassing a bypass! If your arteries are so clogged you’ve been turned down for bypass surgery, it may take as long as six months to feel better, and a few years before your back to normal, but believe me, it works. Just mix a tbsp. of unprocessed ACV in a glass of orange juice before bed each night – and down the hatch. Take it three times a day if your arteries are extremely clogged, but once works fine for the perfect heart problem preventative.
Those are just a few of the natural solutions for reversing heart disease symptoms naturally by holistically repairing your heart and arteries. Don’t wait for your doctor to prescribe them to you as they are all un-patentable by the drug companies, besides being dirt cheap. Because they’re 100% safe they can also be taken simultaneously. Not at the same time necessarily, but interspersed throughout the day.
Heart disease is a killer that can be quelled, naturally. So don’t give up, or give in to any of the harmful and questionably effective, nightmare pharmaceutical options. Nothing can compete with lifestyle changes however, so at least go for a walk and eat one salad everyday. And don’t forget to take your natural heart disease remedies! I sincerely hope you become the other statistic for heart disease. The ones you never hear about. Those that faced the problem head on and walked away brushing their hands saying, “No more heart disease!”
Jay Geary is a retired organic horticultural consultant who for over thirty years has dedicated much of his time and energy to the study and practice of integrative and complimentary health. If you would like to find out some more ways to naturally reverse heart disease click here [http://www.cardio–vascular–disease.com]. If your a heart attack survivor and researching ways to avoid another one go here [http://www.congestive-heart–failure.com].

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