Wheatgrass for Health: From 1930 to Today

grassWheatgrass (part of the same plant, the wheat harvest), has an interesting history of its introduction in the U.S. market for your niche opportunities in the department of health and nutrition for the growth and diversity.

How it all began

In 1930, Charles F. Schnabel has its experience in agricultural chemistry, the cotyledons, and the embryo of the plant that after his sister used to remove diseased chickens. Not just for the chickens to restore egg production moved at a pace faster than the original healthy chickens. Ten years later, boxes of powdered wheat grass, where all sales in the United States. Since then, the industry wheatgrass grown into a multibillion dollar industry

The nutritional

Proof of wheat grass today, is partly funded by Quaker Oats has not yet been completed, a confirmation and confirmation of the first reports of its benefits. Wheatgrass contains very rich in vitamin A, E and B. A single serving of twelve amino acids (including the eight essential amino acids that our body depends on our diet) If a pre-digested, because the enzymes do not need to be edible, so it’s easier for our digestion, with a limited loss Nutrience is how broke.

Finally, the nutritional aspects of wheatgrass, wheat grass juice have a lot of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, the transfer of oxygen from the blood of the body it looks “clean”. Pure knew the blood and liver and even harmful metals such as lead, mercury and pickling of aluminum, which are often stored in the body’s own tissues. It also helps cleanse your digestive system, especially the colon, because your body helps detoxify the cause of intestinal obstruction.

How to grow

Wheatgrass can be grown indoors or outdoors, with wheat grass kit, or simply the purchase of seeds and soil from a local home and garden store. Here are some tips on growing wheatgrass. If you are indoors, they grow convinced that the seeds of only eight hours, then immediately immersing the plant in an average ambient temperature of 70 degrees, with a dry environment. If planting is off, check the installation and indirect light, when the climate is moderate. Mineral water with a tablespoon of salt per liter in the mix as the plant is young. Performance is the amount of space for your load, while performance outside is much less restrictive limits.

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