What Is Sexually Transmitted Disease

The term STD stands for “sexually transmitted disease”, STD is being transmitted while two people having sexual contact with each other. Majority does not follow precautionary steps while having sex which may lead towards sexually transmitted disease. These diseases take place when the different kind of bacteria, viruses or parasites are transferred into ones body through sperms and sexual contact.

Sexually Transmitted Disease: Some of the sexually Transmitted diseases are as follows;

  • HIV
  • Chlamydia
  • genital herpes
  • genital warts
  • gonorrhea, syphilis
  • yeast infections

Some of these diseases are transmitted without sexual contact, such as if a person has been injected by an IV drug needle which is already used by a person who is suffering from sexually transmitted disease than that person may adopt sexually transmitted disease as well.

The best way to prevent sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection is to avoid physical contact, new sexual practices has been adopted by people such as phone sex, oral sex, masturbation, no intercourse, and cybersex. But sometimes it is difficult to avoid physical contact in that case one should not forget use of condom it will save their health. Moreover both the partners should go for some medical test before having sex with each other.

Condoms: Condoms are used only as a barrier, however through use of condom only covered areas are protected but those areas which are not covered are on high risk of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. Latex Condoms are safer as small bacteria’s are not able to pass through them.

It  is our duty to spread valuable information about these kind of disease so that people may benefits through it, however many countries are working on it by including sex education as a compulsory subjects moreover people may get awareness through various channels such as TV, newspaper, internet etc. Individuals should play their part as majority of uneducated people may find it difficult to understand the consequences in case of avoiding protection methods.

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