The term “safe sexs” is generally used for the sexual activity in which precautionary methods are being used for the safety purpose, now question may raise into our mind that, from which thing we need protection? So the answer is these kind of sexual activities has some negative impact  on human life such as some harmful diseases are being transmitted through these kind of sexual acts, whereas sexs is a basic need of a human life so some precautionary methods are being used against these kind of  diseases such as HIV positive.

However these precautionary methods do not completely reduce the risk factor but somehow decreases it to some extent.

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The awareness about the safe sexs is being spread all over the world through sexs education including Pakistan and India. Some sexsual practices which are generally being used to avoid any kind of infection are as follows:

Masturbation: This practice is used without involving another partner into it. People male and female both go for it whenever they feel urge for sexs. Nowadays “cyber sexs” and “phone sexs” is common among the people because it is safer than any other methods, they fulfill their sexsual desire while being physically away from each other.

Non Penetration: In this method both the partners comes under physical contact and gives pleasure to each other through kissing, sucking, rubbing and stroking but they do not go for intercourse in order to avoid pregnancy and STIs.

Barrier Protection: It includes some barriers to protect STIs and pregnancy such as condoms, latex, female condoms etc.

All of these methods help mankind to adopt safer way instead of using unsafe sexual practices which can lead to HIV and AIDS. It is now our duty to spread awareness about these safe sexs methods so that people may not destroy their lives for pleasure. Many people are playing vital role inn spreading knowledge about safe sexs. This will definitely serve the humanity.

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