Marijuana is not a drug itself. It is word used to describe multiple drug related items. Mainly it refers to dried leafs and flowers of hemp plant. Similar form of flowers is named variously in different cultures. For example, people call it bhang, ganja, weed, dope, dagga and hemp.

Marijuana related drugs are hashish and cannabis. Both are extracted from hemp plants. The similarity in all these is a chemical which directly effects mind’s perception on living things and visual distortion. This chemical compound is known as hallucinogen.


Hallucinogen chemical is also named as THC. The strength of bi-products of Marijuana is measures with THC percentage. It is made using ratio of dried seeds, flowers and leaves. Final products are usually brown, gray or green.

United States is a bigger market for drugs. Marijuana is being used by more than 14.4 million alone in USA. It is used in various forms. Mainly it is taken in cigerrate replacing tobacco with brewed powder or dried seeds. Sometimes pipe is also used to enjoy it. Teen have much more inclination towards such easily available hallucinogen related drugs.

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