What is herbal medicine?


For thousands of years herbs have been esteemed for their healing value. It is as ancient as the history of mankind.

Herbal medicine is the practice of using one or more parts of a plant – its seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark or flowers – to relieve physical and psychological problems, prevent disease, or just improve overall health and vitality.

Herbs differ from drugs in that they work harmoniously with body’s innate capacity to heal, supporting the immune system rather than suppressing it as many drugs tend to do.

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Herbal medicine is a holistic approach to maintaining a vibrant, energetic, balanced state of being that is best practiced every day. When illness or injury occur, the goal is to treat the source of the problem.

Its concept is working with the body instead of against a disease as a mainstream medicine. It use of medicinal plants instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbs given in proper dosage, as prescribe by a qualified professional, generally have fewer and less harmful side effects than many drugs.
What is herbal medicine?

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