The normal temperature of the body is 37° C (98.6° F). When this body temperature increases above this level is called fever. This is also called Praxia or controlled hyperthermia (the rise in body temperature). The temperature of the body to check the fever is measured with medical thermometer placement in mouth mostly and sometimes in underarms also.


Fever can be caused by many different factors like virus or bacterial effect. And it causes many disorders in body like shivering, feeling cold and extreme warmth. The fever is common term which is more classified into many other diseases. And all are mainly caused by high temperature and its symptoms. The most common are;

  1. Relapsing fever
  2. Rheumatic fever
  3. Scarlet fever
  4. Undulant fever
  5. Yellow fever

Humans have survived at very high temperatures like 43°C but it leaves many side effects or disorders in body. In normal working of the body, the temperature remains normal. As the heat that is produced in the body is equal to the heat lost or consumed in the body, the temperature does not rise. When there is any change in this, the temperature of the body rises. This system of temperature regulation can be upset by bacterial or viral infections like from tonsilitis or influenza.

Fever is basically a protective mechanism but it leaves many side effects in body like weakness and burning of fats from excessive sweating. The level of salt and minerals in body are also dropped as after effects of it.

Few years ago, doctors realized that a patient who is suffering from syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease) is recovered from it, if he is attacked by malaria (a high fever condition). So in 1917 the Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Julius Wagner von Jauregg started to use this method of artificial fever to treat syphilis till the invention of penicillin.

Patients suffering from fever are initially treated by lowering the body temperature by the use of aspirin or excessive use of liquids to accommodate the lost water and liquids from the body. The ice packs and cold bath is also used to treat it.

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