cholesterol diet
cholesterol diet
cholesterol diet The treatment of Traditional Cholesterol-cholesterol Disease indeed familiar , it has often been heard everyday. The word cholesterol is very attached to things about great food, excessive body weight, age, etc. But what is meant by cholesterol? Sometimes there are misguided by the term cholesterol, even becoming something scary. The notion of Cholesterol tend to be known as something negative and need to be avoided.
What Is Cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fat complex, 80% are produced in the body (liver organs) and the remaining 20% are from outside the body (substance) for various functions in the body, among other things forming the cell wall. Cholesterol is in substance the food we eat can increase cholesterol levels in the blood. But, as far as this influx is balanced with needs, our bodies will remain healthy. Cholesterol is not soluble in the liquid blood, for it to be transmitted to the whole body needs to be packaged together with the protein particles called Lipoproteins, which can be considered as ‘ carrier ‘ (carier) cholesterol in the blood.

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