What is average penis size of man in world

There has always been a hype about penis size of man in the world. The interesting question is now answered by scientists. According to study, average penis size in erect state is 13.12cm to 11.66cm. It is an average taken from 15,000 men from different countries. While its length in non-erect state is around 9.16cm with approximate girth of 9.31cm.


Scientists from UK has published the study to clear mind of many men who stay under complex about their length. Research shows that the number is not good for average men and only few are god gifted in this regard. Many cases are reported in Europe with disease known as “Small Penis Anxiety”. The disease takes men in depression for results in dissolved marriages.


Let me assure you that only 2.28% men have very small penis. When comes to large size, 2.28% stands for them too. UK researchers involved men from all countries and were really shocked that size is not related to nationality or area of person.

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