We must learn from the mistakes the American people about how to care for your precious heart. Previously, most Americans do not wise in choosing foods. It’s hard to find a skinny kid in America at the time. That’s why later America became concerned with the situation.

If the diet of children and young Americans are not changed, it is feared within 20 years of their heart coronary arteries will be clogged all. If at the dinner table always provide the restaurant menu, the more narrowed coronary pipe at least 3% a year.

But now Americans are more discerning in choosing their diet. We, and most of the citizens of Indonesia, is currently being unwittingly mimics the American population eating mistakes. Most of us become gluttonous meal at the productive age. Your risk of coronary be as great as if the fate of the American population before the Indonesian people are not managing their diet tastes. Indonesia may lose a lot of resources if the nation complacent in changing the diet.

But it seems it is still quite difficult to do given almost all Indonesian mothers want their children to be overweight. Husbands who are obese are considered successful and prosperous, but it is also considered to be obese officials great and successful. This kind of culture is considered normal and a moment of revenge because in the past is very difficult to eat well. So predictable, piece of Indonesia’s boss fat and fond of eating. Yet today in developed countries are very hard to find a fat boss. In developed countries like America, the richer a person would not want him to have more body fat.

Stop eating greedy will not be enough if the pipes are rusty coronary fat. Karat’s fat clogging coronary will not disappear just by stopping into a ravenous eating. Drugs and sport is also not much usefulness. Drugs, vitamins, and dietary fat only serves to maintain the existing rust so does not get thick.

Because that’s more important to keep in order not to rust coronary fat since childhood. We should emulate neighboring Singapore. There obese children will be given more exercise portion in order to be more lean body. Body fat is dangerous since childhood. Children cells will be many and large. Lard obese children in the skin will thicken and when it grows up it will be difficult to be thin again. Children should be told that fat is a lot of illness.

Inexpensive way to build the nation’s resources like shape berjantung cardiofriendly program conducted in many developed countries. The purpose of this program is to reduce the number of invalid and the nation’s resources premature death caused by a heart attack.

Indeed, not everyone is born with heart disease have the talent. Only a small proportion are born with congenital heart defects and genetically inherited. But nowadays more and more people with heart disease because of negligence in the care of his own heart.

People who are talented do not have the heart to heart disease if they know how to prevent heart disease. Most cases of heart disease occurs when the heart does not need to be treated. Set moderation childhood eating by limiting fat menu with the goal of keeping the waist size is still two-thirds of the circumference of the hips. Always choose unsaturated fats, avoiding saturated fats and red meat. Increase consumption of fish so the fat does not accumulate and become lard and cholesterol will not be rust in the veins.

The menu is modern people today that contains five times more salt than the body needs often leads to high blood pressure. Style eating instant foods and not enough fruits and vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals contribute. Vitamin mineral serves to expedite the body’s digestive system and will make the shape of blood vessels and the heart.

Diligent exercise will also dissolve excess body fat, strengthen the heart muscle, blood flow, and clearing the breathing. Sport is very important, especially for the gifted coronary heart disease. People with diabetes, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease has derivatives, excess fat and cholesterol also need to be vigilant.

Be wary also if there is a gray ring around the edge of a black eye and there were clumps of xanthoma of the skin. It is a sign that the person has a derivative of cholesterol and triglyceride fats are abnormally high. Just as with the short body. People who are short have a smaller cross-sectional coronary than normal people. If the cross-sectional coronary rust will clog faster than normal people. According to initial reports, people who have a shorter ring fingers than index fingers more coronary risk compared with people who have long ring fingers (Dr. John Manning, University of Liverpool, British Journal of Cardiology, 2001).

One more thing we can do to take care of our heart is laughing. Often laugh because laughter routine will loosen tense life. When the laugh, your body releases the hormone endorphine. In an age filled with stress at this time, the body needs more endorphine to bid bitterness. Do not get too drawn with the bitterness of life that eventually will easily fall in stress. Prolonged stress risk for heart disease.

People should not lose the kidney, a lung, and eye, but it should not lose heart. The heart must be in good condition and can not stop working for a minute. It is true that there are currently bypass surgery, heart pembalonan, replace valves, even the artificial heart. But all of that is certainly no more perfect than God-made.

God created the heart that can work for decades without pause. The heart is also not a spoiled organ, it resilient, patient and loyal. But we often forget to take care of him. Our heart is priceless. That’s why the heart treat you well from now on.

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