Want To Ward Off Osteoporosis As You Age?


HEALTH NEWS (USA) reported on 2 December 05 that “adding a little magnesium to your diet may ward off osteoporosis as you age. A study conducted by the American Geriatrics Society indicates adding a daily dose of 100 milligrams of magnesium could increase bone mineral density by 2 percent per day. Results of were better in white patients. Doctors say a difference in the way the body metabolizes calcium in blacks and whites may account for the discrepancy.”

This is pure baloney:  clearly it is important to get magnesium in your diet and it may well ward off osteoporosis.  But to conclude that blacks and whites ‘metabolize’ calcium differently is complete nonsense.  As proven in The Milk Imperative, blacks living in cold climates get less vitamin D (becasuse of skin pigmentation) and blacks are more lactose intolerant than whites.  These factors affect rates of osteoporosis, not calcium metabolism.  For more information on this subject you can a free ebook: Osteoporosis Can Be Prevented.

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