Vitamin E for Acne Scars


As if the acne problem was not quite frustrating, which is followed by its depressing ugly scars. Even if the issue of subsidies for acne scars seem to be a persistent problem that causes great harm to the way the skin looks. Despite persistent problem, some people go to plastic surgery to get rid of the scars of this type, while some shell out huge sums of money in different types of acne products for skin care. Apart from these, some people may also benefit from using some simple home remedies and inexpensive, that although scars do not disappear forever, but also improve the appearance of the skin, making them look less prominent. Among the products for skin care and many home remedies to treat acne scars is the use of vitamin E in the form of creams, lotions and natural sources. Can also be administered as capsules. What follows is a brief description of the benefits of using vitamin E for acne scars.

How Vitamin E helps in treating acne scars

Let’s start this discussion with the use of vitamin E for acne scars. All you have to do is take the lotion, cream or oil and using the fingertips, apply it on the affected areas of the face. Gently massage in the areas of moves downwards. It is also preferable in a circular motion massage. Take sufficient care to avoid eye contact. Do not forget, it is best to clean the area and dry before application. Having done with the massage, give it a wait of 3-4 hours before rinsing your face with warm water.

The use of vitamin E to treat scars is popular mainly due to the antioxidant properties of this nutrient. Body cells are protected from damage by free radicals that can be caused by UV radiation pollution, etc. This vitamin helps in regulating vitamin A in the skin. This results in the creation of strong capillary walls and protection of the red blood cells.

Amid these benefits of using vitamin E to remove acne scars, studies advocate that creams or lotions containing vitamin may not work as well against scars, since natural sources. There are also reports showing that the synthetic version of vitamin is as active as the natural source medium. Thus, the efficacy of vitamin E based skin products, could be increased when combined with food sources and supplements thereto. Common foods vitamin E that can instill in your diet include vegetables such as asparagus, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, beets, cabbage, kale, fruits, etc like kiwi, mango and raw papaya are also rich in this vitamin . Other sources include wheat germ, oregano, parsley, sage, egg yolk, dry roasted almonds, sunflower oil, corn oil, olive oil and rapeseed oil.

Furthermore, it has been studied that using vitamin E oil for acne scars more good when taken in conjunction with vitamin E from natural sources, vitamin A and / or vitamin C. This is because such use is known to prevent any kind of skin cancer and reduce the damage caused by the sun on the skin. Therefore, all these benefits may add up in improving the appearance of scars.

In conclusion, acne scars can not be cured completely, unless you opt for cosmetic surgery. However, using vitamin E products to base, adding natural sources to the diet, and keep the body fit and healthy, can make a lot of improvements not only in the appearance of scars, but the health of the skin as a whole. The only word of caution for the use of E vitamin for acne scars is that if you experience any unusual symptoms, then you better stop using it and discuss alternatives with your specialist skincare.

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