VirginCoconutOilOne of the simple medicine that have been used in the east is virgin coconut oil. Traditionally this oil have been using in cooking and as massage oil.

Now a days virgin coconut oil is proven contains no cholesterol and trans fatty acid. These two products are causing health problem to human beings.

Virgin coconut oil is produce from coconut milk without going any heat treatment. Thus is have a lot of medical effect. The virgin coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acid. This acid can act as a antimicrobial, anti fungus. Therefore if you have any skin problem, just applied virgin coconut oil on your skin at effected area. It will cure your skin problem.

Virgin coconut oil also can be used as a massage oil. Just put a few drops of essential oil in 50ml of virgin coconut oil and used this oil for your massage. It will feel great and relaxed.

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