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Veggie Love. Fruits and vegetables are two things I really like. Their colors are so vivid and beautiful, and when I feel that eating healthy bin. This is one reason why became a vegetarian for six years. I became a vegetarian because I realized that a vegetarian diet may promote evolution of humanity. Immediately I felt more clear and aware of the absence of meat from my diet. The most profound experience of feeling a vibration in my body too much energy to increase another important reason for me is always a vegetarian the inhumane treatment of animals before slaughter. Conventionally bred animals are fed, drugged and locked in small cages filled with people. Hormones then fed, which is more able to produce meat. This treatment will only increase for obese and stressed animals that produce meat that is sick. No Thanks!

Veggie Love. This article is not to criticize or ridicule all the carnivores out there, just to raise awareness about the many health benefits of a vegetarian increase. When I started eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and many other delicious and nutritious options, I felt better physically and mentally. I felt during the first six months that I have more lucid and able to be stronger. Plant foods better nutrition for the body, in a way that is easier to digest and assimilate what it is. This means that the body needs less effort to digest so that you are using energy to other parts of the body that need healing required. As a vegetarian, can and will help you healthier. Below are just some of the reasons why it is advantageous to be meat eaters:

• Fruit, vegetables and whole grains are rich in fiber. Fiber is very important that your digestive system function optimally reduce the risk of various diseases. It also helps to reduce cholesterol. No fiber in foods containing animal products.
• antioxidants, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in large quantities in plant foods that can help prevent the body from damage by free radicals and protect cells.
• The photochemical in fruits and vegetables, improving health and protect against a group of degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease.
• As a vegetarian, there are a number of diseases that can accommodate sometimes exposed to animal products.

Veggie Love. There are many deadly diseases and conditions that do not eat animal products can be avoided. Salmonella, E. coli, mad cow disease, bacteria, antibiotics, growth hormones, viruses, and mercury are just some of the many things that are found in various meat products.

Veggie Love. If you do a little research, you will see the benefits of a plant-based diet are very clear. Of course everybody is different, so good for others not for one person. It is listening to your body and what you need. I let people who eat meat and I was not well known, because your body has gone through a detox. I also know how people do not feel the eating of meat was not the best for them to try to train. Humanity has, so you do not have to eat meat, as above. We can obtain a total protein of other animal sources that are not based.

Vegetarianism is not possible for everyone, because some blood groups are not going well. I plan to explore and experiment, to remove the meat. If you eat a vegetarian diet is not, for whatever reason, I recommend switching to organic meat high. The benefits are great for consumers and local farmers are free of chemicals. The animals are bred with fresh air and clean water, fed a vegetarian diet (tip) and can move freely. The tension of the animals within rise and therefore the risk producing poor meat is very much a patient. For me, always a vegetarian is one of the smartest moves I have my health and well being. It made me more aware and conscious of what I developed in my body and sit down again I feel that my consciousness of life. Veggie Love.

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