Vegetables and fruits are many Containing Vitamin E


Will discuss a variety of foods that contain vitamin E. Where is more natural than the supplements consumed. But still pemenuhnya require a lot of its kind to receive the same levels with supplements. For fruits you can find vitamin E in avocado, mango, kiwi fruit, peppers, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes. While there are vegetables to vegetable asparagus, broccoli, and spinach. Will be discussed one-on-one content of the fruit.

Vitamin E in the Avocado

Vitamin E is also commonly found in avocados. In fact alpukan contains vitamins to 11 and 14 minerals needed for the body. In the content of an avocado 100gr you can meet the daily needs of vitamin E up to 10%. This avocado was a lot of benefits for the body. In addition to free radicals, can also prevent stroke and reduce blood cholesterol. And also can make the formation of red blood cells and prevent ulcer disease. For the fulfillment you can combine it with other fruit such as oranges or other fruit to serve salad.

Vitamin E at Mango

Mango fruit also contains vitamin E tablets. Vitamin E is contained in mango fruit as much as 2 to 3 mg every mango. Because by eating mangoes can benefit a lot. Benefits such as nourish the eyes, keeping the digestive process in the body, keeping the constipation, and prevent acidity. Improve memory and memory in the brain. And also can prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as to fight diabetes.

Vitamin E on Kiwifruit

Kiwi fruit is quite unique because it is not a native of Indonesia. But are mostly found in supermarkets. It has a low fat content does not mean the kiwi fruit does not contain a lot of vitamin E. For immunity of any fruit can be consumed. In 100 grams of kiwi fruit contained 1.5 mg of vitamin E. To enjoy kiwi fruit can be eaten directly or used to mix salad. Benefits of kiwi fruit in fact able to treat the symptoms of impotence by preventing dibetes early. Kiwi fruit has also been used as a source of energy drinks to increase stamina because it contains electrolytes to the body.

Vitamin E in Paprika

For peppers, red peppers and no green peppers that contain vitamin E this. While there is no yellow peppers vitamin E in it. For the red pepper contains vitamin E 1.58 mg for every 100 mg of red peppers. As for the green peppers that contain vitamin E 7.4 mg for every 100 mg of green pepper. Efficacy pepper is lower risk of cancer, heart health, lowers blood cholesterol levels. Paprika is also commonly used in vegetable concoction.

Vitamin E on Bananas

Bananas are very diverse kind in Indonesia. It is not difficult to find the banana fruit at various points of sale. From traditional markets to modern markets. So easy to be consumed daily. The content of vitamin E in bananas is not as much as the other vitamins. Such as vitamin C and 44 mg in bananas. Naturally though vitamin E remains slightly. Benefits of bananas can be up to mask moisturizing the skin, diarrhea and constipation as well as a cure anemia.

Vitamin E in Spinach

Spinach is a vegetable that is not foreign to the people of Indonesia. Spinach is very beneficial for the body because it contains a lot of fiber. Very good for people with diabetes because it can absorb glucose remaining in the intestines. Were also able to reduce levels of cholesterol and bile acid binding. The more consumed, cholesterol, fats, bile acids will more often be issued. Indeed, there is the content of vitamin E in vegetable spinach. Unfortunately not as much vitamin K. Although vitamin K also plays a role in the function of vitamin E, but executed better. So that the dose of vitamin E at 100 g spinach was not much.

Vitamin E in Asparagus

Asparagus is a vegetable such as grass / weeds. This vegetable is typical with beneficial as improving urinary tract, improving the performance of the kidneys, and low in calories and contains no fat. This vegetable is widely grown in the United States because it is derived from vegetables there. Asparagus also contains vitamin E. So that it can be consumed to fulfill your requirement of vitamin E daily.

Vitamin E in Broccoli

In contrast to the above vegetables, broccoli nutrients to vegetables, especially vitamin E are known. For 100 grams of vegetables broccoli contained 0.75 mg of vitamin E. Usefulness vegetables are broccoli as a vegetable prevent cancer. It has even been studied, the tumor can be prevented almost 60% success with this vegetable. And capable of lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Because it contains vitamin E, vitamin E benefits means can also be obtained from vegetables. So you do not worry for your daily vitamin E requirement.

As the data above, it is true of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin E is quite a lot. However, the measure is a bit requires you to consume a lot. If you are not able to eat as much nutritional doses of vitamin E daily, you can choose to take supplements of vitamin E, which has been sold.

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