Various Health Benefits of Lily Flowers


Star Gazer Lily

Flower Lily or who has the Latin name Lilium candidum L. has been known from ancient Greece. In the prefix Lily growing in the plains of the Mediterranean and western Asia, almost every place there has been decorated with the beauty of this flower. After it was developed interest in various areas of agriculture or agriculture.

Do you like Lily? If you like these flowers certainly have a lot of reasons, perhaps one of the reasons is because of the shape and the color is beautiful. Or maybe because you think it smells delicious. But sempatkah think that Lily flowers also contain many health benefits for our bodies chiefly on the skin? Okay please read on this article to the end!

Flowers generally bloom in May is in fact put a variety of benefits. Most of the chemicals contained in it is quite absolute, such as flavonoids (which is known as an anti-oxidant, anti-cancer substances, and also helps in skin changes), carotenoids which act as anti-oxidants, saponins (which is also known as inhibitors of the growth of cancer cells), and also partly of other substances. So what is the benefit to the health of Lily flower that supposedly he said ‘magic’ that? Well this is the benefit of Lily flower:

 Provide assistance to treat and get rid of scars on the skin, for example, burns, wounds caused by falls and other injuries to the skin. And also the advantage that Lily could treat the wounds without scars. Your skin will be smooth and well be back like in the beginning. It may be you can use when you have injuries, but you want to treat it until there is no trace left behind.

Saponins which generally exist in legumes and whole grains. serve to hinder the development of cancer and also helps to regulate cholesterol content. Saponins are also present in Lily, is also the cause of most of the cosmetic product there taking Lily to avoid the development of cancer cells in the skin (especially if the skin is constantly exposed to the glare of the sun in a straightforward manner).

Lily flower extract could provide help to protect the skin moist, and also provide special care for dry skin, skin irritation and sensitive skin.

Polysaccharides are also present in the interest calculated in the hydrocolloid group, the benefits that give help to increase the viscosity and stability of the existing water moisture on the skin. In the skin, these polysaccharides will be able to withstand the water content in order to continue to exist in an equal number.

It turns out that not only beautiful Lily flower. But it also contains many health benefits, especially in human skin. Nothing wrong from now on we plant flowers banya Lily in our neighborhoods. These flowers will look beautiful as our collection. Especially if you are a person who likes to various types of flowers. Will certainly be a very fun, because you will find a beautiful flower that has a shape and beautiful and has a variety of health benefits. Hopefully this article explaining the health benefits of lily could be useful for you.

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