Urine benefits for the face

Urine benefits for the face

Urine benefits for the face – Benefit for the face turns urine can also be useful for the healing of facial acne, benefits of water in the urine to the face in practice the so-called urotherapy. Using his own urine as a healing therapy has long been recognized, the practice of using urine both internally and externally to help cure diseases, including skin complaints such as acne, can be traced to many countries and many cultures, from the Indians of Peru and the ancient Egyptians.

The scientific community and the community has been explored and outlined an alternative to the theory behind urine therapy. One such community organizing world conferences on this, in Urotherapy World Congress – held in 2009 in Mexico, where more than 600 people gathered to discuss the positive outcomes of the practitioner and the patient to use urine therapy.

The most important fact about urine is that contrary to what you might suspect, the urine is not a waste product. In fact, it is free of toxins and contain resources that are unique to each individual when re-introduced into the body, both internally and externally. Urine is 95 to 98% water. The rest is, as the laboratory can ensure, biochemical compounds in minute amounts to have curative properties.

Increased dermatologist treatment for acne scars, dull and sagging

One practitioner who attended the Third World Congress on Urotherapy, Coen van der Kroon, also author of the book “The Fountain gold: Complete Guide to Urine Therapy,” suggests that washing your face with fresh urine can cure acne, it has been tested by collecting data on success of urine as a treatment for many diseases, including acne. He has garnered the affirmation of the established medical community and testimonials from patients, and he has used his own urine therapy.

Urine benefits for face
There are some suggested ways to use urine therapy, most “extreme” probably drinking his own urine in an amount up to two liters. Some have published personal testimonials proving the success urotherapy. As a topical treatment for acne and other skin complaints, diluted approach works well. A homeopathic method type is one such type of urine therapy for acne treatment. External topical application is quite another.
Homeopathic URINE

Water Benefits urine to the face
Perhaps the easiest method to use urine therapy for acne treatment is to use an external application. Dampen a clean cloth moistened with urine in the morning and apply it on the face, leaving it on like a mask or compress for half an hour. As Martha Christy wrote in his book, “Acne, rashes, athlete’s foot and fungal skin problems respond dramatically to urine soaks and compresses.”

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