Typhoid: Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

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Dietary Restrictions For Patients With Typhoid
Here are the foods that are included in abstinence Typhoid disease and should be avoided by patients.
A versatile food acid
Convenience food acid is not recommended for patients with Typhoid, because this acid foods will lead to disease Typhoid suffered will become increasingly severe, and require considerable time to immediately get rid of these Typhoid disease. As for the types of fruits or foods acids are not recommended to people with the disease are: Orange, Typhoid of star fruit, food preserves, tamarind and apples.
A versatile food spicy
You, them,   most people did have a penchant for consuming spicy food, be it in everyday meals, meat pies, or a variety of snacks. Tasty indeed, than before, did you know that spicy foods that have bad effects if consumed by Typhoid sufferers? Spicy foods that you should avoid, namely chili sauce, soy sauce, spicy meatballs, chicken noodle, and any foods that are spicy Department.
How To Treat Disease Typhoid
How to cure diseases Typhoid, we highly recommend you to use a traditional healing methods with natural ingredients from nature that gives relief completely without causing side effects or dependency.

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