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Each choice that there are risks, including food choices. Foods that are easy to make and fast food restaurants are usually very prone to danger. As mentioned in the previous article which is about healthy living Tips that are healthy that very expensive price. And errors in the selection of food will result in an expensive disease also cures and treatments.
There are many many various chemicals that should not be put in food and ingested by humans because of its damage the human body. Here are some of the chemicals that interfere with health.
The first is Saccharine and Saccharin
This one is definitely no stranger ear comrades. Almost every food packaging sweets using substances of this kind. In fact what’s the danger of Saccharin and Cyclamate. Let’s look at some of the more.
The fundamental difference of cyclamate and saccharin is the level of kemanisannya. Cyclamate have levels of sweetness from the level 30 times the sweetness of sugar. While the Saccharine 550 times greater than usual degree of sweetness of sugar. And this is causing less popularity of cyclamate compared with saccharin.
In a study in 1969 found that cyclamate could lead to cancer of the bladder in rats that had previously been given a ration of cyclamate. This proves that cyclamate is carcinogenic or trigger the onset of cancer. Later, other facts indicate cyclamate can showed atrophy. Testicular atrophy is the diminution and damage chromosomes. And saccharine also produced nearly the same impact as the Cyclamate.
Indeed very dangerous substance on this one. But, in some countries still allow the use of a substance such as sweeteners produced no impact in the short term. And one of the countries that do not allow the use of cyclamate in food ingredients is American. 
The second is Nitrosamines
Nah! This one is probably rare in ordinary but, this hearing is in processed meats that we often konsumnsi like sausages. Then what is the impact to the body.
Basically, this substance is used to preserve the meat has been processed. The impact is the same as other carcinogenic substances with dangerous. Nitrosamines can cause cancer to consumed And most of them target of nitrosamines is stomach. Penkonsumsinya can have the potential of abdominal cancer.  
Later, MSG
MSG is commonly known by the name of MSG. Business food people usually use MSG for flavoring food. Continue To … Does MSG or MSG is harmful to the human body. The answer, it turns out, MSG is also not much different from the other carcinogenic substances. MSG can cause cancer.
In addition, MSG may also lead to an inefficient provision of increase and decrease of signal transmission in the brain. And of course it’s not good for the brain. A description of the brain you can read in the article the human brain, Amazing Grace.
Later, Metanil Yellow and Rhodamin B
Both are twin brothers. They are both perwarna substance. Then, what’s the difference and why are distinguished. And what is the danger to the human body.
The most basic difference of these two substances were in colour. Rhodamin B gives the red color on the food. Whereas, Metanil Yellow gives a yellow color to foods. And keep in mind both equally have an equation that is, equally textile dyes. Its shape can be shaped powders or solids.
The usual ingredients in foods such as noodles, crackers and a small children’s meals (or snacks the kids) is used illegally. Both of these substances can cause indigestion and liver kangker. And it’s good to avoid this kind of substances.
Nah! That is surely already know all. This too is very dangerous. Pengkonsumsinya can potentially suffer damage to the brain, heart, liver, lymph, and terms of the Center. Just imagine, formalin yan gterkena skin will cause the skin to feel the burn, even bleeding. So, should be avoided because the formaldehyde does really not human food. Formaldehyde is a substance used in plywood industry and as a diinfektan in the hospital.

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