For women, acne is very disturbing appearance and outlook. But can not be avoided, in their teens and adolescent acne often arise. Could be due to internal and external factors. One of them is the type of food that causes acne. Yes, there are foods that cause acne variety.

For that we have to know what kind of food is what causes acne. So that we can avoid foods that are bad for the skin of the face and the food is good for skin health. Here are some foods that cause acne:

– Caffeine

If you’re a fan of caffeine, be careful. In consuming too much caffeine can cause acne. Caffeinated coffee beverage highest. In addition there is in coffee, caffeine is also in chocolate, energy drinks, soda, and tea (black and green). Then, how the process works to caffeine can cause acne? Thus, caffeine stimulate the adrenal gland to produce a hormone associated with stress. In fact, stress itself is a trigger factor of acne. The best way is to avoid coffee or caffeine-containing foods.

– Omega-6 fatty acids
This is also important. Consume too much omega-6 fatty acids can lead to inflammation and increased redness. If we already have acne on the face, consume excess omega-6 will actually increase the irritation of acne. Foods containing omega-6 are: pork, ham, chesseburger, and bacon.

– Processed Food

Processed food is also one kind of food causes acne. Why? Because processed foods contain preservatives and synthetic colors. If too many processed foods consumed, will cause damage to the liver.

That is some kind of food causes acne. For the best way to avoid acne is incurred up front with regular exercise, do not eat foods that cause acne, avoid stress and always keep facial skin by way of facial or other treatment.

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