Try the Best Home Remedies for Sunburn


Using sunscreen with high SPF is a must during the hot sunny summer days, even if you do not go to the beach. Still, sometimes you can forget about applying the cream or your child can go outside and play without having this protection. It is perfectly natural for fair skin, which has not been exposed to plenty of sunlight, to burn. Sunburn is associated with skin redness, irritation, inflammation, pain and swelling. Thankfully, if you take action immediately, you can experience great relief quickly. Here the most effective home remedies for sunburn you can try.

Plain yogurt is extremely effective for sunburn relief. You should take it directly from the fridge and apply it while it is still cold. Rub it gently on the skin and rest for some time so that the yogurt can get fully absorbed. This home remedy will give you immediate relief from the pain. You will certainly enjoy the coolness. Yogurt has a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. It will aid the healing of the skin as well.

Apple cider vinegar is also known for soothing pain and inflammation caused by sunburn. You simply need to dip a cotton ball in this liquid and rub it gently over the affected are. You will feel the cooling effect and the consequent relief almost immediately. Generally, you can use any type of vinegar, if you do not have an apple cider one.

A compress from raw potatoes can also relieve the inflammation caused by sunburn. Simply grind one or two of these and put them it a soft thin cloth. Then apply the compress on the affected area and let it stay for as long as necessary. Applying cucumber slices is a good alternative. They contain plenty of water and vitamins that nurture the skin and help it to heal more quickly.

Taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E can also aid you in getting relief from sunburn. Vitamin C boosts immunity and can aid effectively for the quicker and more effective healing of the skin. Vitamin E makes the skin stronger and improves its natural protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can take supplements, but you might also want to try foods rich in these vitamins. These include citrus fruit, kiwi, green peppers, nuts and seeds, leafy greens and egg yolks.

If you do not have any of the topical home remedies for sunburn at hand, you can readily fill a zipped plastic bag with ice and apply it on the affected area. This will help you feel better for the time being.

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