Trompang Elephant Herbal Medicine Tea Recipe


Trompang Elephant Herbal Medicine Tea Recipe
Heliotropium Indicum is the scientific name of Trompang Elephant usually found in the open backyard area of Asian countries especially Philippines that’s why some Filipinos uses these as their alternative medicine of major and minor illnesses.
We called it in our dialect as “Trompang Elepante” because of the flower looks like the nose of elephant combination with the trumpet named also. There are many usage in this plant in terms of herbal medicine treatment like cough, eyes irritation, wounds and other diseases.
Medical doctors and some experts developed this kind of herbal medicine into capsules, tablet, syrup and capsules to make their patients more comfortable and easy to take with it. Some people used also as there dietary food supplement but these are no therapeutic claimed and subject for approval to our Department of Health.
Abnormal or late menstruation period of a woman can also heal by the traditional style by using the dried roots made into a tea by our late grandparents especially those who lived in the villages or rural areas.
In this article I will share it to you the traditional recipe of Trompang Elephant Herbal Tea as treatment of Heavy or Strong Cough that would surely help heals if you follow these simple steps and instructions.
You can also watch actual video in making Trompang Elephant Herbal Tea by this link below:
Trompang Elephant Herbal Medicine Tea Recipe:
Ingredients and Materials:
1.      Prepare 1  to 2 PC of Trompang Elephant Plant with roots and flowers
2.      5 glasses of fresh water
3.      Strainer
4.      Heating or Electric Pot
5.      Cutter
Cooking Procedure:

1.      First,  cut Trompang Elephant plants into small parts and wash it thoroughly
2.      Second, put it in the pot also with the 5 glasses of fresh water. 
3.      Then boil it within 10 to 15 minutes. 
4.      After 15 minutes in boiling,  the Trompang Elephant Herbal Tea is perfectly cooked. 
5.      Put it in the container with the used of strainer and let it cool. 
6.      After 5 minutes, you can now serve and drink the Tea. 
7.      You can drink 3 to 5 times a day depends how strong of your cough and be sure to consume the tea   with in 15 to 24 hours only for the freshness with it. 
8.      The tea is very natural healing so no worries about overdoses.

Thank you so much for reading this article and feel free to give comments and suggestion below.

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