Treating high blood pressure with Bile of Earth : Hempedu Bumi


BileofEarthtreatinghighbloodpressureandfeverBile of Earth or Hempedu Bumi plant is also known by local as akar cerita. Hempedu Bumi plant abundantly found in China , India, Thailand and Malay island. Could be easily found at the peat soil. Hempedu Bumi is a herbal plant that grows vertically.

This seasonal herbaceous plant can grow until 70-90 cm heights. The upper part of the leaf is dark green in color while the lower part is light green in color, smooth and arranged. The leaf also oval in shape. The stem is green and has many branches.

Hempedu Bumi leaf can used as the remedy to lower the high blood pressure pressure, besides to cure diabetes, antiinflammation, antibacterial, antivirus, relieve fever and as the phlegm liquefier. It is also used to improve defecation, destroy the worms in digestive system and fasten the blood clotting.

The method to made it as the medicine is by braising the leaf to drink the water. The leaf can cure wound by grinding it and paste it at the wound. Chemical substances in the leaf can brake down the fat molecules that present at the blocked bloodstream that cause the blood pressure to increase. The braised leaf water that has bitter taste trigger it to brake down the lipids molecules.

However, the taste does not attract most of Malaysians. They are more interested to sweet and salty tastes. The excess of sweet and salty can lead to severe diseases but if we balance the tastes is much better for health. This plant also suitable for insects bites. The easiest method is take a few of the leaves and crush them. After that, rub them at the bitten place.

Hempedu Bumi is more popular in treating high blood pressure and fever. The usual method is take a few leaves and clean them. Then, immerse the leaves in warm water and wait until it becomes lukewarm. After that, drink the water. It is quite bitter, especially for those who first time drink the water. Bear in mind, drink once per day.

Hempedu Bumi is shown to be superior to Milk Thistle (Silymarin) in its liver protective and bile promoting properties.The active constituents,the andrographolides act as strong antioxidants, protecting the liver and digestive system. Laboratory and clinical trials have demonstrated its effectiveness in cases of toxic liver damage,poor liver function and hepatitis.

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