Top Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Taste and nutritional and health aspects of tomato were highly appreciated. Appreciated throughout the world, which are essential components in the diet of many cultures But the plant has an irregular past, including the revival of the myths, misunderstandings and disputes, and the challenges of mass production of tomatoes put the debate. But there is a debate about the intrinsic benefits of tomatoes. The tomato is prized for its nutritional value and taste delicious.

The History of the tomato

Peru is generally attributed to the first crop of fruit is now known as the tomato. Tomatoes on this day were small compared with modern tomatoes, but they were a valuable food, selected for their taste. In Peru, the tomato by the South and Central America Mexico Aztec their value with them extensively in the kitchen, like parsley. When the Spaniards conquered Mexico in early 1500, the Aztecs developed a new recipe, with tomatoes cruel. The result was that the meat of the Spanish conquerors.

Some think it was the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, the tomato to Europe after the conquest of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. Others believe that Christopher Columbus plant to Europe with him after the 1493 document in 1544 known as herbed Italian tomato Pomo d’Oro, or golden apple. In 1597, the English surgeon John Gerard published a vegetable, the tomato was poisonous says and not for consumption after one or two centuries of exclusion from the fruit of the British colonial era and food.

There are several theories why many believed that the tomato was poisonous. Theory is attributed to tin, which had a high content of lead. Acidic foods like tomatoes causes of lead contamination of the food chain, which can lead to poisoning. However, lead poisoning is gradual; many people hold so long that it is unlikely that tomatoes were identified as the cause. The most plausible theory is that the tomato is a member of the nightshade family of plants. In fact, the tomato leaf is not safe to eat. They can eat the leaves of tomatoes, diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness and in severe cases death.

Controversy, there was also time to see if the tomato is a fruit or vegetable. Botany, the tomato is a fruit, a fruit, but its content is more like a vegetable. Perhaps the best way to describe the tomatoes as “the fruit that acts as a vegetable

Mass production of tomatoes

Today, tomatoes are grown in the world, adapted to a variety of growth conditions, with thousands of varieties. Tomatoes vary in size, color and flavor, ten inches in diameter Steak plum tomato sauce oblong beauties appreciated. Occupy a rightful place alongside super diet, but in some parts of the world, efforts to mass produce the fruit causing concern among health experts.

In Florida, a large parts of the land away from the Everglades the sandy soil and moist air makes the temperament of the tomato, the quantities of chemical fertilizers that do not fit the farmers without delay growth. The fruit comes on the market, while still green, before the sun has its own color and ripe flavors – tomatoes are treated with gas, making them appear red. When comparing organic tomatoes, rich in sodium and low vitamins and minerals. Many of these tomatoes end up in fast food restaurants and supermarkets, chain stores. Consumers are encouraged to buy locally grown tomatoes whenever possible. If this is impossible, healthier canned tomatoes – tomatoes canned tomatoes normally, prior to treatment to mature.

Health benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes contain many valuable nutrients, like lycopene, which was taken for the prevention of cancer. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are nutrients that slow or repair the damage caused when cells in the body can metabolize oxygen can be. Because the cells carry oxygen, can break molecular bonds in products called free radicals Free radicals immediately attempt to stabilize the molecule in below. This procedure can damage healthy cells. Many free radicals – antioxidants or not enough – the body of a cancer. Antioxidants also help maintain the body’s immune system, reducing the incidence of illness and disease with a weakened immune system. Note that the skin of the tomato also powerful antioxidants.

Tomatoes contain other valuable nutrients such as beta-carotene and lutein, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Tomatoes are rich in potassium. Additionally, the nutrients in tomatoes more efficiently or in combination with other foods a study from Ohio State University found that consuming tomatoes healthy fats such as olive oil or avocado, the ability of antioxidants in the body to take time 02.15 intensified. A study published in Cancer Research found more positive effects in the treatment of prostate tumors in rats when the tomatoes are combined with broccoli. No allergies or side effects are definitely associated with the tomato.

Enjoy tomatoes

The healthiest way to enjoy tomatoes, or in a family garden or buy from local organic tomatoes at the farmers market or food store. If this is not possible, canned tomatoes are an acceptable alternative. A medium tomato, tomato juice or a cup of soup is a part of the recommended daily intake of vegetables. To try to get the added benefits of a combination of tomatoes and other nutritious, who, a little tomato soup with broccoli to get. Add the tomatoes and broccoli salad. Reduce the amount of cheese pizza and rich aroma oil to water. Cut the avocado in your favorite sauce or slice the tomatoes in your favorite guacamole. However, you can enjoy the benefits of tomatoes, your system and sample the culinary delights of living increase.

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