Top Five Foot Heel Pain Remedies

Years of walking and running can wear down our feet, and can be hard on our heels. Likewise, poor circulation, improperly trimmed toenails, disease and tight fitting shoes all contribute to pain in the heel.
1. Massage with water
This treatment is ideal for any type of foot or heel pain and only needs a container of hot and cold water. Here’s what you do:
a. Soak your foot for 5 minutes in cold water
b. Move the foot to a container of hot water of a tolerable temperature. The temperature of the water should not be cool or even lukewarm
c. Soak the foot in the hot water for 5 minutes
d. Return to the cold water
Repeat the procedure until the pain is gone. This process has a massaging effect that revitalizes feet by opening and closing blood vessels.
It is also a great idea to rub moisturizing lotion into your feet before getting into bed. The lotion makes feet easier to massage and therefore bring relief faster.
2. Put some heat on your feet
Using ointments enriched with capsaicin, an active natural ingredient in hot peppers also helps in relieving foot pain.
These products are excellent in cooling the pain caused by burning feet particularly for diabetes patients. Initial application of the ointment may cause some burning sensation for many people, but when used regularly, the burning effect is likely to lessen.
Moreover, people who been using the capsaicin in treating their burning feet have experienced great improvement and were able to walk more easily compared to those using other types of creams. Best of all, since these are topical medicine, patients tend to avoid a lot of side effects that usually happen when taking pills.
Most ointments are available over the counter, however it is important to talk with your doctor before you begin, as this type of therapy is not right for everyone.
3. Avoid high-heeled shoes
For recreational walkers and runners it is important to temporarily lower how much you’re walking or running when you’re about to use brand new shoes. This will help you to eliminate many of the break-in pains. Advances in shoe development have made modern athletic footwear much less likely to cause a problem than ever before.
4. Stretch out your calf
Stretching the heel cord at the back of the foot can relieve heel pain.
Start by:
a. Standing three feet away from a wall, place your hand on the wall.
b. Lean in to the wall, bringing one leg forward and bending at the elbows.
c. Keep your back leg straight with the heel on the floor and then gently stretch the calf muscle.
d. Repeat for the other foot.
e. Buy shoes that fit the shape of your feet.
Shoe size is considered to be the most important aspect in buying shoes — but the shoe shape is equally important. You read it right; the shape of the shoe is also an important factor to consider.
There three basic foot shapes — curved, slightly curved and straight. Although, there may be some variations, generally those individuals with high arches need a curved shoe; those with flat feet need a straight shoe and those who have neither flat or high arches need a slight curve.
When buying running or walking shoes it is best to select shapes that fit the curve of the arch on the inner side of the foot.
Before you try any of the remedies discussed here, consult your own doctor for the treatments that will be best for your unique situation.
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