Top 10 ways to live with diabetes

Top 10 ways to live with diabetes3 Sep2
About 59 million indians have type 2 diabetes and many more are at high risk.
Diabetes is a metabolic as well as autoimmune disorder. It is caused by the abnormal secretion of the natural hormone insulin. Though diabetes can not be cured completely but you can kept it under control and can always live a healthy life style.

Below are the top ten precautions that should be followed to live with diabetes:

1) Exercise– exercise is specially important for people suffering from diabetes. You can start exercise at any age. It is a must for diabetics.

2) Diabetic diet– be honest and strict about it, keep in mind that over eating and unhealthy eating may even kill you. Follow your diabetic chart religiously.

3) Always keep in touch with doctors, feel free to discuss any abnormality. You will always find a whole lot of diabetes gurus, you can discuss with them, but before changing anything ask your doctor. Please keep in mind diabetes is a slow killer, we can’t play with it.

4) Medicine- be serious about those, take regularly, have extensive research work, feel free to discuss about the side effects. Take insulin regularly if it is required, never stop suddenly any thing without discussing with an specialist.

5) try to feel and understand the diabetic signals,
low sugar level , high sugar levels, etc.

6) A fasting blood sugar test is the best screening tool. Blood sugar level testing is a diabetes risk calculator. Frequency of testing of blood and urine depends on the situation, your doctor is the best man to judge.

7) Avoid abnormal blood pressures, high or low what ever, it is not good for diabetics.

8.) Control your weight. Measure you weight periodically. Make it a habit to check your weight at least every month. Obesity is dangerous for diabetes.

9) Take care of your skin and feet.
Act urgently to detect and cure any skin problems. Always use comfortable good quality shoes or slippers.

10) Take care of your eyes
. Take all shorts of precautions for you eyes. Periodical eye examination is also required.

Try to keep in touch with the diabetic world, lots of research and new ideas are coming up every day. Learn about diabetes, learn about the new medicines new tools, discuss these with your doctor, arrange group discussions, and keep going.

Hold on for a sec. if you are a diabetic, please avoid marrying another diabetic.

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