Tired of Useless Antibiotics for Your Sinusitis Headaches – Try These Wonderful Home Remedies


After my sinuses had got so infected that I had experienced severe stress related headaches, I went and got antibiotics.

After I took them, they dried up mucus flow somewhat, but after he ran out, I was back to square one after almost going crazy until I suffered from terrible headaches on, my mother suggested that I inhale the steam. I never bothered to try it. Another person suggested to me that I microwave cloth and use it.

I carried the discomfort until I decided that it must be stopped. I was not entirely convinced about the steam treatment until I tried it. I felt a difference in less than a minute, and my headaches healed in no time. That experience made ​​me more confidence than home remedies, and I slowly explored other drugs, and tried some of them myself. These are:

hot soup

cinnamon in warm water

liquid (lemon, thyme or ginger tea is great)

Food / fruits rich in vitamin C:. Black currant, guava, strawberry, lemon, orange, kiwi fruit, lychees, etc.

Most instant remedy is money: you can inhale steam from boiling water with a few drops of peppermint oil or Euclyptus, or you can put a towel in water and when cooled to a safe, put a towel over your face to allow steam to give you relief . It can also be done by heating a cloth in the microwave, as well.

I am sure that this short list will be of great value to another victim of chronic sinusitis, such as myself.

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