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my brain was sure everyone would want him to be smarter and be beneficial to the surrounding environment. This desire will only be so desires if we don’t know how to be smarter and so-called with smarter itself.
Intelligence has no definite definition. Each of the experts who wrestles in the problem psychological abuse had a definition. Thus, we can set and equate our perception that intelligence is the ability to absorb and process information quickly.
There are several factors that can affect human intelligence. And if we want to improve our intelligence, it’s important for us to know these factors and working to improve our intelligence. And here are the factors that affect human intelligence,
The health of his brain, the human brain is very instrumental in human intelligence. Why Does. As we know there are people suffering from amnesia when he suffered an accident that people’s head. Then, the researchers also found that the brain’s neural arrangement of interconnected and can create a new relationship when we learn new things.
And the nervous relationship one with another nerve will be getting better along with repetition we do. The more we repeat a thing, then the better the ula our memory about it. So, brain health is very important role for human intelligence.
Information, well, this is the most important thing that is often forgot by most people because they are to lazy to learn and read. To improve intelligence, information is the thing that should be needed. Information can they get from various roads e.g. by reading, hearing, contemplate, observe and others.
In addition to information, speed sensing is an important component in human intelligence because people could be wrong in an interesting conclusion because errors in understanding the fact that avoid.
A healthy diet, consume the foods can menjadiakan our brains the better because it cannot be denied in the human development definitely need nutrients and nutrition is obtained from food.
Think of it like a Brain, muscles, grew in the exercise, the more he tajamlah. one way of sharpening the brain by way of thinking. Train your mind by working on a matter or working on problems – problems that exist all around us.
I have an opinion that the intelligence of a brain that is formed, not so original, except for the small percentage of humans that are given by God of luck. But, most people form their brains. And wit depends on the process.
How to make more intelligent?
Expand the information that goes into your brain, brain train by thinking and healthy food consumption. Brain intelligence increase over the process undertaken.

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