Tips Helping Children with ADHD a Follow Directions

The process of the dominant, which is one of the most difficult challenges of children with ADHD followed. Children with ADHD are often too scattered to be easily distracted. Patience and support of children with ADHD can help you learn and follow the instructions in this very simple idea.

First, to simplify and organize the following:

adhdChildren with ADHD. Please follow the instructions as simple as possible, you can give your children know, please note that it does not lose his words. You need to focus on important information. “Sarah, I’m coming, and then you pack your backpack, coat, let us go? Jacket you know what to take off their shoes, backpacks, shoes!”
Children with ADHD. According to the memory to help multi-sensory strategies:

• Your child dancing and singing can be explained. Jackets, backpacks, shoes, Yee-ha! “
• Because children need applause, or tap on the table, you can step by step.

Children with ADHD. Teach your children to the third repeat the instructions: 

Several times, and then let the children repeat each method. Enter your name Write the name of my pen and paper, pencil, paper, pencils, names such as “.

Space to create a repetitive routine or list:

This is particularly useful for the organization and maintenance. For example, if you have a list of items, you must do every day to school, you need a list.

1. In bed, I want to create.
2. Your laundry basket in a matter.
3. Feed the cat.

If your child has completed the stage, he / she see a step in that list. This is the direction that your children will continue to focus on the task.

Always keep a positive attitude and support of agriculture.

Blame him, is not supported in accordance with the instructions of his son, learning strategies and skills. Can you support your child?

• Encourage your child to hear. “I give you, because I think I know what you mean to see me.”

Please contact your child how to become a memory, no matter to offer you this. You can give the recommended mode, such as gestures and flashing walls, hand-eye if you think a child’s frustration, you understand. “I understand to grasp, is difficult to maintain, you are my help at a glance, we can use the test after each step?

• Do not praise a child. Efforts to complete the task of praise if your child has not completed the task, encouraging us to finish the test, his / her you are with positive reinforcement. Children with ADHD.

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