Tips for clean and beautiful white teeth Naturally

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White teeth clean is everyone’s yearning for a clean well maintained white teeth will beautify the us at every appearance, but often our teeth exposed some disorders that cause TEETH to become porous, yellow and not interesting anymore.
When our teeth are damaged or are not pure white then we would be in doubt and Fear when the smile we will give to others, and how when our teeth not already clean white again?? How to clean white TEETH again??
To make TEETH be pure white back
Here are some TIPS that you must try to restore TEETH to white naturally:
1. use a paste of Lemon and salt: before going to bed apply a few drops of Lemon juice and add a little Salt, then use instead of TOOTHPASTE on a regular basis. Herb Lemon Juice and this can eliminate the Salt Crust and dirt on the surface of your teeth so that the layer of TEETH which causes color natural white TEETH covered with dirt soon lost and CLEAN WHITE back again.
2. use Areca Nut Seeds: seeds of areca nut turns out to be very nice to use in Restoring TEETH become whiter and cleaner, use it in the following way:
Take some seeds of areca nut and then burn to be like charcoal.
Then mash until smooth the areca nut have been burned last
Then rub it into gear using the betel nut husk or it could also smooth with a cloth.
Do periodically once every 2 weeks to keep TEETH WHITE in order to stay clean.
3. use orange peel: orange peel also contain elements of bleach is soft, for that you must try this one way, that is by rubbing the skin parts in Orange to our teeth, then, so the teeth will become more clean and white, use this method with periodic and consistent even today orange peel has become one of the TEETH WHITENING therapies suggested by some dental health Expert teeth whitening use than from drugs and other man-made CHEMICAL content.
4. use Baking Soda: this is the most popular natural ingredients are white to whiten teeth using BAKING SODA, i.e. due to Baking soda have a nature that could wipe out the stain and the crust on our permukaanGIGI. However, take care because the baking soda could also damage the teeth. because it is not recommended the use of BAKING SODA for each day, use a maximum of 2 times in a week.
Here’s How:
Spread the Baking Soda all over the surface of the teeth.
Then leave it on for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
After that Rubs the TEETH with toothpaste as usual.
5. use Bay leaves: leaves can also be used to whiten teeth lho? do I take 6 to 10 pieces of bay leaf and then bathing in the hot sun to dry, after which the squeeze-squeeze into soft ground. Then mix the powdered Bay leaves with orange peel powder and rub it on your teeth.
Pretty easy and cheap instead?? How to keep TEETH WHITE again returns the NATURAL

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