Three Person IVF Procedure is to Prevent Mitochondrial Disease not to Fight with God

Genetic research is going on from Harvard, Pennsylvania to Oxford in UK. But Britain takes credit to offer first official approval of carrying out three person IVF trial on ground. Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies explains the concept is purely a medical advancement in human evolution. It has nothing to do with our religion or God.

Photo Credit: HEFA

Sally says that every person stick to their religion. But under science, we need to prevent our generations from dangerous diseases such as Mitochondrial. It transfers from parents to children and alone in UK 10-20 kids die with it.

The era has changed and with it our resources to take such type of diseases and remove from our heritage lines. A patient Rachel Kean (with MELAS Syndrome) talks to BBC News that the procedure is service to humanity and will save 10 lives each year.

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