This is the Original Honey Benefits For Your Health and Beauty!


This is the original honey benefits for your health and beauty! Not only sweet and delicious flavor is offered by honey for your honey also turned out to be very useful both for health and for beauty.

Well here is the efficacy and benefits of pure honey that you may not know, here’s usefulness:

1. Benefits of Honey for Health

– Maintain eye health
– To treat wounds
– Strengthening of white blood cells
– Adding marital fertility
– Replenish energy / stamina
– Stabilize blood pressure
– Treating anemia
– Treating allergies
– Preventing osteoporosis
– Preventing wound infection
– Overcoming respiratory
– Overcoming constipation
– Eliminate asthma symptoms
– Overcoming a heart
– Overcoming strep throat
– Enhance arousal as ks
– And many more benefits and other benefits.

To consume, adults 2 x 1 tablespoon morning-afternoon. As for the children, 2 x 1/2 tablespoons early afternoon.

Note: If you are used to, can be taken 3 times daily.

2. Benefits of Honey for Beauty

– Tighten the face (as a mask)
– Eliminate acne scars (applied on acne scars)
– As a hair conditioner
– Raising the dead skin (topical)
– Softens and moisturizes lips
– Etc …

To be considered, the benefits and efficacy of honey above will actually feel if the use is ORIGINAL HONEY. If honey is not pure or mixed false alias, of course the result would be very different. Please refer also to skin health benefits of honey and pure honey benefits for skin (face and acne). May be useful!

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