The top 10 ways to impress a woman – How to impress a women

When attempting to woo a woman, every man must remember that the slightest comment can make a big difference – it could either flatter her to no ends, or offend her in ways that you didn’t think was possible.

imress a women

Here are the top 10 ways to impress a woman
10.Look her in the eye: Remember, if she catches you staring at her chest when she’s telling you how much her mom means to her, you’ll look like a creep.
9. Be well groomed: Women want their men to be well groomed. They want them to look and smell good all the time. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be clean-shaven, but any facial hair you do have should be well maintained, reports Fox News.
8.Help her with her coat: Women love old-school displays of chivalry. Helping her put on her coat is a great example. It’s a kind, courteous act that’s not so common anymore. It’s also a good way to increase her comfort level with you as it allows you to get close to her without
getting too close.
7. Socialize with her friends: Women are attracted to likable, social, charming men, the kind of guys their friends and families will love. So, engage in conversation with her friends even as you’re working your magic on her. Impress them and you’ll impress her. Just make sure it’s clear that she’s the one you’re interested in.
6. Ignore your phone: Nothing says, “You’re not that important…. ” like taking a call from someone else or checking a text in the middle of a conversation. The culture of texting has
gotten way out of hand. Too many men think it’s perfectly acceptable to take a phone call or fire off an e-mail while you’re on a date or in the middle of a conversation. When you’re talking to a woman, let her see you silence your phone or turn it off completely-show her she has your undivided attention.
5. Ask her questions: Just about every woman likes to talk about herself. It’s a subject on which she has a lot of expertise, after all. Asking her questions about her past and
her favorite things will allow her to open up and feel comfortable, while simultaneously showing her that you’re interested in more than just her looks.
4. Open doors: Opening the door for a woman is a classic gentlemanly gesture. The otherwise admirable push for gender equality has largely eliminated acts of chivalry like this one.
3. Compliment the way she looks: Give this a shot: Compliment the way she looks in her outfit. Say something like, “You look great in that dress.” It’s a great way of telling her she looks hot without rerunning the same old compliment and it also communicates that you’re attracted to
her in a way that, “Cool jacket!” does not.
2. Ask for advice: It shows her that you value other people’s opinions-in particular, her opinion. Be careful not to come off as clueless here, though; you don’t want to act like you know nothing.
For example, does she think you should move into a townhouse or a loft? This kind of question allows her to easily express an opinion, and hopefully sparks a more extensive conversation.
1.Compliment her positivity: Telling a woman she gives off a “happy” vibe will make her feel good.It also allows you to then ask her about the things in her life that make her so happy, which will make her feel even better, positive feelings that she’ll ultimately associate with talking to you.

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