The risk of brain cancer in people allergic smaller


U.S. researchers say that people who have allergies have a risk of developing a brain tumor lower. Judith Schwartzbaum, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Ohio, said the men and women who have an allergy to blood samples potentially have gliomas smaller. Potential reached 50 percent smaller than that do not have allergies

Information from The Age (07/08) of glioma is known to weaken the immune system. The presence of glioma in the body leading to potential growth of cancerous tumors or larger.

The study, published in the National Cancer Institute, USA, also mentions the risk of brain cancer in women is lower than men’s allergic allergic.

The researchers have collected samples from people who have not had a glioma in the past decades. From that sample data on the association of allergy and glioma obtained. “It may be a higher immune system people are allergic to suppress the effect of glioma” Schawrtbaum the statement said.

Absence of allergy is still the strongest factor in the presence of a brain tumor. However Schartzbaum acknowledge that much remains to be studied for more accurate results.

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