The One Year Update


It’s coming close to a year since I started treating my acne holistically. I’ve had my ups and downs, clear days and breakouts. I think I’ve been holding back on blog updates because I wanted to write about how I found the cure to acne the natural way – but it really is a journey, there’s no silver bullet. And now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t chronicle that!

So, how was 2014 for the most part?

I’ve had periods of clear, beautiful skin, but they typically don’t last longer than a few days, sometimes a week or so. Products/steps I’ve taken over the past year in the hopes of clearing my acne:

Just a small selection of products I’m currently taking – it gets expensive! 
  • Candida cleanses – one week in November, April and June. Two week cleanse in August. Never any breakouts when I’m doing a candida cleanse. 
  • Thorne Research Formula SF722 – an anti-fungal
  • MSM cream 
  • Manuka honey
  • Moisturizing with hemp oil and coconut oil
  • Drinking cholorophyll water
  • Estroblock Pro
  • Fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend 
  • Probiotics
  • Drinking fresh goat’s milk kefir daily 
  • Seed cycling and taking 1,000 mg daily of Evening Primrose Oil
  • Drinking unfluoridated/Culligan water, trying to avoid tap water
  • Thorne Research SAT liver support 
Some of these seem to help clear me up, and definitely I’m more healthy overall for my efforts. In the next post (to come soon, I promise). I’ll tell you just what has FINALLY WORKED!!!! I’m on day 10 of clear, blemish-free skin and I feel absolutely, flipping’ fantastic. And, who f-ing cares if tomorrow I have a pimple? I’m going to just talk about what’s working now, and not worry that it might not help me avoid pimples 100% of the time. 
Now off to bed for me, because one thing is certain. Sleep = beautiful skin. 

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