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Many of us love to clean the ears with cotton bud because our ears are already feeling dirty and must be cleaned. But, did clean the ear with a cotton bud is good deeds?
It was not, in fact, the skin of human Ears grow out so it can help muck-muck out. And Dr. Simon Gane said that using a cotton bud to clean the ears will cause dirt to and also harmful for the ears.
Sometimes patients never come home sore clean his ears with other items such as paperclips, bolpoint, and others. And usually, the doctor may suspect what put patients into his ear through the former scratches.
Use of tools such as bolpoint, clamp to clean ears is not a good idea because the deed it would scrape the inside of the ears and there is the potential for getting infected. The human ear is also a sensitive organ. What’s more, in which there is a very fragile eardrums.
If it feels uncomfortable on your ear, you can take it to the people who know better aka the doctor.

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