The dangers of Excessive exercise

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excessive exercise disorder
Don’t overdo the exercise. Why? Because it will cause your body damage. And here is the result of exercising with excess,
  • Cause Amenorrhea

Amenurhea is the State where the women have periodization irregular menstruation. One of the things that cause this condition happens is exaggerated in the exercise. For the younger women will delay puberitas.
And it’s good, when want to exercise is accompanied by instructors who understand to avoid such things.
  • Blood clotting

This one is pretty serious. can cause death. blood clotting is meant here is blood clots that occur in human arteries. This can interfere with blood clotting the blood flow even menyumbatnya. the symptoms will appear a bulge-bulge in the place of the blood clot. If the bulge-bulge appearing and not missing-missing check immediately to the doctor.
blood clotting in the artery condition usually occurs in people who lift weights excessively. Thus, it is better, we praise the load shall we raise gradually.

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