The Chemical Emasculation and Castration of Men

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In today’s environment, men are being exposed to an alarmingly amount of preservatives, chemicals, and foods that have a very devastating effect on them. All these substances feminize and castrate men! Men today are literally drinking, eating, wearing, and bathing in hidden and literal birth control pills. This feminization and castration is already occuring in the animal kingdom with male animals growing female eggs in their testicles and developing female sex organs! This feminization of men has been occurring for several decades now and the results have been catastrophic.

Testosterone levels have severely declined in the past 30 years, sperm counts have dropped by 50 percent and millions of men are sterile, 30 million men have impotence, 40 percent of men have premature ejaculation, and the average man lasts ONLY 2 to 5 minutes during intercourse. Men today also deal with low testosterone, low libido, prostate cancer and enlarged prostate, obesity, male breast cancer, gynecomastia or “man boobs”, and testicular cancer which are ALL caused by the hundreds of estrogenic, anti-testosterone chemicals that are found in the bodies of ALL men according to the CDC.

Men need testosterone to have maintain their masculinity, virility, potency, and even their health. High testosterone levels make men happy and live longer but unfortunately men today are being robbed of their masculinity, potency, and fertility by the overwhelming abundance of testosterone suppressing chemicals and foods!
Even worse, men today are being born with deformed and unusually smaller penises, undescended testicles and genital defects. All of this can be directly tied to many of the harmful foods and chemicals that men are being exposed to these days. Many of the chemical feminizers that men were exposed to in the womb can even alter their sexual preference and lead to men exhibiting more effeminate behaviors and habits throughout life.

These chemical castraters and feminizers are widespread and just about every man today is unknowingly and intentionally being exposed to chemicals which block testosterone and act as estrogen. These chemicals also remain in your body forever! Men are being hormonally manipulated on a grand scale
! In this groundbreaking audio recording, I will expose the chemical feminization and castration of men that is currently taking place so you no longer have to be a victim! If you are a man and desire to preserve your manhood, fertility, and sexual potency, then you need this recording! This is the only recording of its kind and the only place where you can get this information! This audio recording is also recommended for women and soon to be mothers as women are playing a major role, most times unknowingly, in the chemical feminization and castration of men. I will share some shocking information with you to enlighten and empower you!

Here is what you will receive in this audio recording:
  • The myriad of hidden estrogenic, anti-testosterone chemicals that cause impotence and low testosterone. These chemicals are found in hundred of everyday products and I will tell you how to completely avoid them!

  • Why this widely consumed and popular food is the ultimate male sexual potency destroyer. This food reduces testosterone by over 25 percent within an hour of its consumption! You will learn what this food is and why you must avoid it if you want to have a great sex life

  • The popular health food that totally ends a man’s sex life and emasculates him. I will explain the secret history of how this food has been emasculating men for years!

  • The bitter truth about the artificial sweeteners that suppresses testosterone and cause impotence.

  • The hidden food additive found in your food that shrinks male gentalia and suppresses testosterone and how to avoid it

  • Does meat and fish make men impotent? Learn about male potency destroying chemicals in many meats and fish that you eat

  • The untested, laboratory food that lowers testosterone and eliminates male sexual potency. 70 percent of the food that Americans eat is this laboratory food but I will tell you how to avoid it!

  • Do fruits and vegetables lower your testosterone? Find out about the types of fruits and vegetables that are ruining your sex life.

  • The common household items and products that cause male sexual dysfunction and sterility.

  • Are colognes, deodorants and other personal care products feminizing them? Find out why the hidden reasons why they are and what personal care products that you want to avoid!

  • The chemical found in all drinking water that causes impotence and lowers testosterone. This substance is more dangerous than chlorine but I will tell you how to remove it and avoid it!

  • The common plastics that rob men of their masculinity, virility, and sexual potency and how to identify and avoid them
  • Are men impotent because of shopping? Find out the hidden story of why purchasing various products make men impotent and feminine!

  • How men get feminized in the womb. The widespread feminization that occurs to men in the womb is the reason why men are being born with the mind of woman along with smaller penises, deformed genitalia and undescended testicles. I will explain how this occurs

  • How men get emasculated and feminized when they are babies through these common habits which leads to devastating effects later on in life

  • This common beverage that is promoted as macho that really makes men more feminine and impotent. This beverage is popular amongst men but does is serious disservice to their masculinity and sex life.

  • Are Men Being Feminized During Sex? Learn about the hidden chemicals found in most condoms and lubricants that ruin male sex drive and sexual performance. I will also tell what the safest condoms are to use

  • The widely taken pharmaceutical drug that totally feminizes and castrates men. This same drug also makes women unnaturally attracted to feminine men too!

  • How and Why modern medicine, pharmaceutical drugs and mass vaccination has feminized and castrated men. Millions of men take drugs and supplements that contains chemicals that make them impotent and infertile and I will tell you which ones do
  • Why obesity has an feminizing and castrating effect on men, the true causes of obesity (it is not about how many calories you eat), and easy to follow natural solutions for losing weight and eliminating deadly belly fat
  • Estrogenic, anti-testosterone chemicals actually remain in your body forever but I will tell you the herbs, supplements, and natural foods that remove them


From Keyetta M: “This is so informative. Thank you! I really did know that the men were needing to be protected but I really did not know how much they need protected. No more times will I be shopping with my men and let them be under attack without protection…I will be collecting the receipts for them….with gloves”.
From Marcus W: “I found Dr. Duncan’s recording to be very informative. I didn’t realize that so many chemicals in food are contributing to the explosion of effeminized males. This information was very valuable as I am the father of a 6 year old boy. I have the opportunity now to make sure he avoids these chemicals to ensure promising years of growing. Thank You”

From Cara S. “My name is Cara and I recently purchased your audio file The Feminization and Castration of Men. I also listened to your Red Ice interview. It was incredibly informative, so thank-you very much. Thanks so much! Again, I really appreciate the information you are dispersing! It is so great to see so many people finally telling the truth!

This is the most important health information ever compiled for men. You will not receive this hard hitting information anywhere else. Be sure to order your copy today!

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