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A lot of people told me, if you want a healthy eye, eating carrots. Why eat carrots? What are the benefits of carrots for eyes? People said the carrots contain a lot of vitamin a. Nah, what are the benefits of vitamin A for healthy human eye?
vitamin A benefit of eye health
The following are the benefits of vitamin A for healthy human eye.
Help out the eye retina cells metabolism – this is the most important function of vitamin a. it consumes less people will suffer xeroftalmia. Dry eye disease is Xeroftalmia. The cornea is hard and swollen eyelids. Usually suffered by babies. This is caused by the lack of nutritional intake.
Ward off free radicals-another benefit of vitamin A is to ward off free radicals. Protect cells of the eye.
The amount of vitamin A is consumed must be fitted. no less nor more. Less is more is not good, nor good. Indeed, what will happen if I consume vitamin A in excess? You will be poisoned. the skin will dry and chapped lips. It’s some of the symptoms of other symptoms.

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