The Benefits Of Green Tea For Health


As we know it is a tea leaves can be made into a delicious drink, and already very familiar in our daily lives. But it turns out many of the benefits of green tea are not yet we know. Green tea is a tea that is already known to many extraordinary cures when compared to other tea-tea. Green tea also believed restaurant has a very many good properties in terms of health and beauty in nature.

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In a glass of green tea we drink, turns out to contain polyphenols compounds. These compounds are able to protect our body from diseases such as cancer cells have very high antioxidant content. These compounds can neutralize the free radicals that can cause cancer. Even not only cancer, these compounds are also able to tackle other health problems such as heart disease and symptoms of aging.

The benefits of green tea is rich in antioxidants are able to treat the disease of breast cancer. Compound or owned content in green tea is able to repair the damaged cells and can also prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, reduces cholesterol in the blood, the blood flow in the body and is also beneficial in terms of beauty body such as smooth skin and body slimming. Very much not the benefits of green tea? The following is the complete benefits of green tea:

The Benefits Of Green Tea For Health

  1. The benefits of green tea for health are indeed very much as described above. In a study had revealed the benefits of green tea in pharmacology to human health. In green tea contained a wide variety of natural chemical compounds that are berrguna to the human body, such as amino acids, alkaloids, aromatic substances and vitamin E.
  2. Green tea has a high content of vit C even more if compared to apples, tomatoes and lime juice. Besides green tea also contain B12 that his levels of 10-20 times higher than those of vegetables, besides its components in green tea are rarely found in other foods.
  3. Green tea contains many amino acids which are rich in minerals and vitamins needed by the body. If you consume green tea on a regular basis with the appropriate doses then your immune system will increase naturally.
  4. According to a study conducted in the Soviet Union, the benefits of green tea or black tea can be used to increase the body’s immunity from many kinds of diseases. Chinnese Medicine Academy of Preventife in China, also said so and proved that tea can slow the formation of nitrosamines in the body.
  5. Green tea and also elements in tea can detect progression of the tumor cells are present in some parts of the human body.

That’s the range of benefits of green tea, which turned out to be very useful for the human body and the benefits of green tea is very much at all. If we compare this with green tea drink other beverages sure we already know the answer. If we drink green tea regularly, but we feel the taste of tea, we also can prevent many diseases naturally. The price of green tea was now increasingly cheap and easy to get so that we need not trouble again to get it. The benefits of green tea is most felt in daily life if you are consuming is spared from diseases like influenza because the benefits of green tea is also to strengthen the body’s immune response to the virus.

So that the benefits of green tea to human health that I can tell, this article may be useful for you and can increase your insight about the benefits of green tea. A lot of wrong I apologize, look forward to the articles on other occasions other keshatan.

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