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 hiv in children symptoms

HIV disease usually relegated his mother to a baby that was born to her so that the baby would automatically suffer from HIV disease since birth. But did you know that there is a study that States that scientists have been able to reduce the HIV virus behavior and even they claimed a baby was cured of HIV sufferers are functional.
How does the doctor to heal a baby exposed to HIV?
After the birth of this baby, the doctor gave her HIV drugs with a low dose before known whether he was suffering from HIV or not. Then, after checking whether he was suffering from HIV or not has been completed, then the doctor will provide intensive care by means of a siphon drip with cable 3 3 kinds of medication for 30 hours. The purpose of this infusion plug it is blocking or slows the virus to find its place within the body of the baby.
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After this treatment the baby, the baby will be cared for in a way given the drugs for 18 months. And examination of HIV in 10 months after drug intake stop stated that the baby is still suffering from the HIV virus but, viruses that contracted it was more benign than the HIV virus in General.
Therefore, it is necessary for us to take a quick step after the birth of a baby will be the candidate who allegedly HIV that the fruit of this child grow up to be healthy and strong.

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