Ten presumption Wrong About Heart Disease


There are still a lot of misconception in the community about heart disease. Not infrequently misleading or accept their illness, resulting in harm. Any assumption wrong?

1. Heart disease only occurs in obese people only.
No. Not only because the fat people with heart disease. Compared to thin people, obese people are more at risk. However, not a few thin people who develop heart disease. If as a child suffering from congenital heart disease, for example, and not surgery, cardiac complaints may arise.

Types of congenital heart defects bulkhead leaks ventricles (VSD), for example, usually gets smaller with age. During the leak has not shrunk up, still quite heart disease. Thin people may also suffer from high blood pressure, cholesterol, and high triglycerides, which if allowed to be bad on the heart and eventually develop into heart disease. Likewise if thin people suffer from diabetes or are having major vascular anomalies abnormalities of the heart, such as anomalies aorta or another disease that could interfere with the heart.

2. Heart disease can not be in the child or young person.
Can. Heart disease can already suffered since the child is still in the womb first. Some infectious diseases, such as toxoplasmosis, German measles, cytomegalovirus can damage cardiac stage in the child in the womb. Likewise, certain drugs are taken while pregnant. Congenital heart defects are also often caused by laxative herbs or other nutritious ingredients that medical work is not yet clear. Young people also can get heart disease if infected heart. Infection can directly attack the heart (endocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis) or outside the heart that can be complicated to the heart, such as if a child is stricken with diphtheria infection (in the throat). Abnormalities of the heart muscle power too often about young people, so that the rhythm and heartbeat so not normal. And cardiac function can also be disrupted if a certain lack of electrolytes (potassium, for example) can be chaotic heart function as well, as heart disease. Similarly, the strong influence of nicotine, barbiturates, tranquilizers.

3. Women free of heart disease.

No. Before the age of menopause, women are less exposed to risk than men. However, after menopause, a woman’s risk of coronary heart disease to be equal to men. It is often forgotten, that escape attention. However, as long as any woman of reproductive age may still be subject to heart disease if obesity, high blood fat, suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or an anomaly in the large vessels of the heart, heavy smoking, taking drugs or the management entity amphetamine class phenfluramin, fentermine. This class of drugs has been withdrawn from circulation. Amphetamine drugs is not thin, worn with a harness for side effects that make not like to eat, while the caretaker drug (fen-phen class) can cause heart valve sag, so the function of the heart is interrupted and ended with a bad heart.

4. Heart disease is only one kind.

No. Already mentioned above, can be congenital heart disease since birth has diidap. It could also cause infection, and the most frequent coronary heart disease, if not jaded heart (heart failure). Infection of the heart can by germs and viruses. The most frequent infection of the heart valves. Infected valve (SBE, Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis) leaving damage to the valve, so that the function of the heart valve becomes abnormal. If the damage is severe and prolonged valve, could end up with heart failure as well. Not only that. Abnormalities of the heart valves due to infection, at times the fat droplets and residual infection of the valve can be detached shed and washed away the blood stream. Runoff fat granules and residual infection that may become lodged in the blood vessels of the brain, so it can end up with a stroke. Coronary heart disease occurs when the coronary arteries that feed the heart muscle is blocked. Blockages can be derived from the walls of the coronary arteries themselves increasingly thickened by rust fat (atherosclerosis), can also by grain shipment fat, blood clots, or blood waste from outside the heart. Embolism (blood terhanyutnya garbage objects) after childbirth, during liposuction, the surgical risk, open fractures. Heart into trouble or heart failure occurs when high blood left high for decades. In high blood pressure, the heart works extra hard. As a result the heart has to pump blood is stronger than normal, over time the heart muscle becomes thicker and the heart swells. Swelling continues until one point, when the heart can no longer compensate for the elastic. At that moment there was an attack of heart failure (decompensatio cordis).

5. Healthy heart, could not have heart disease.

Can. Although his heart is no less of a right, but can be affected by heart disease from outside the heart. If the troubled soul continues, anxiety, feeling anxious, heart palpitations can suddenly uncertain. Heaviness in the chest, there is a sense of urgency in the esophagus, heart palpitations, upset with a sense of anxiety, the possibility of a sick soul, and not the heart. Without the need to be given cardiac drugs and tranquilizers enough soul, heart complaints will generally subside own. Similarly, heart disease stemming from overly active thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism). The higher the thyroid hormones in the blood, due to the stronger heartbeat elevated blood pressure monitor. If elevated blood pressure monitor on left thyroid disease, heart eventually can suck too. The heart then swelled as well. Complications of diphtheria infection in children, on the third week of illness, can affect the heart. Toxins interfere with heart function difterianya germs. However, once the poison tamed, the heart can be restored. Cases of anemia (hemoglobin deficiency) are heavy and left for a long time can overload the heart as well. Because hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying) is low, less full of blood to carry oxygen, and it is not sufficient to support the body. So that oxygen is transported sufficient blood cells, the heart needs to work harder. And because the heart is working harder, longer-old heart swell as well (as a result of high blood pressure).

6. No association with stroke.
There is. Not a bit of penyumbatnya stroke comes from the heart. If the heart valves or blood clot release granules former residual valve infection, garbage will be washed away in the blood and enter the brain blood vessels and clog there. It could also cause the pumping function of the heart itself, which has weakened, both energy and rhythm. When this happens, the blood flow in addition to being heavy, often spinning. Spinning and no heavy flow is a risk of causing a stroke, because in addition to the blood stream weakened, the chances of blood also transports drift stopper objects are spinning the whole result of the flow.

7. Heart disease is hereditary.
No. Heart disease is not hereditary. Although parents with heart disease, the child is not necessarily a disease of the heart. Derived diabetes and high blood. Diabetes and high blood pressure, including obesity, if not controlled could end up with coronary heart trouble as well if it was not.

8. Heart disease can not be prevented.
Can. In fact, it is easier and cheaper to prevent heart disease rather than have to suffer and bear the costs berobatnya. We know all the causes of heart disease since there is a start in the womb. It was then all-risk pregnant women have a history of the disease toxoplasmosis (happy in cats), or cytomegalo virus (through kissing who have the virus), or German measles (and genital herpes), should be blood tested before pregnancy (blood tests TORCH ). If it turns out there is one of the TORCH positive and the disease is still active, not pregnant first until the disease has been treated so that no longer active. Heart infections often originate from bacterial infection throat (Streptococcus beta haemolyticus). If the bacteria spread to the heart, there was a heart infection (SBE). So whenever there is an attack throat infection, especially if from the throat mucus smear examination positive for the bacteria, treated until complete (typically up to a few weeks of antibiotics without be broken). If not completed, will be posing risk to the heart. Sufficiency electrolyte (alert if frequent vomiting menret, eating less fruit and vegetables), and trace elements for the heart include selenium, manganese, magnesium, not to less. And if you suffer from high blood pressure is controlled as soon as possible. Similarly, if diabetes, penggundah and easy spirit waver, to be addressed immediately.

9.Terkena dikageti frequent cause of heart disease.

Instead. People are often surprised or dikageti unlikely to be heart disease. Unless it has been suffering from heart failure, physical shock, and even mental kerkejutan any bias that actually make heart disease is under control, can be recurrent. Normal healthy heart and will not “fall off” despite diligent dikageti.

10. Heart disease emerged because it often eat bananas cardiac menu.

Not true. There is no correlation between fond of eating vegetables banana heart with heart disease. Period grandparents first, gudeg or banana heart keluban eco belonging menu once. And there is no proof of the first who got a heart attack because of the daily menu are choosing vegetable banana heart.

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