Teens Too Stress Higher Risk of Heart Disease


Adolescence is a period of transition that makes most people experiencing a mental crisis is very unstable. Be smart manage stress during adolescence, as teenagers who are too stressed have a greater risk of developing heart disease as adults.

“Stress can put a healthy child at increased risk of heart disease,” said Andrew J. Fuligni, a professor of psychiatry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, as reported by Medindia.

When depressed, teenagers can be more stress than adults. Then it needed support from family or friends for teens always think positive, be optimitis and look on the bright side of failure.

To know teenagers who are too stressed with the risk of heart disease as adults, researchers used markers of inflammation (C-reactive protein or CRP). Frequencies higher stress will make greater CRP.

“Most research on stress and inflammation focuses on adults, but these results suggest that the association can occur in early adolescence, even among young men and women are healthy,” said Fuligni.

This result argues, suggests that the biological substrate changes started before adulthood.

Researchers studied 69 adolescents with a mean age of 17 years of background in Latin America and Europe. Participants completed the diary list every night for 14 days. In it, they reported any negative experiences of interpersonal interaction with family, peers or school friends, for example, conflicts with family and friends or type of punishment from parents or teachers.

Blood samples were then taken an average of eight months later and assayed for circulating levels of CRP protein.

From the results of these samples revealed the stress of everyday teenage years will increase the levels of inflammation, as measured by higher levels of CRP, even among normal healthy teenager.

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