Tablea Of Our Favourite Heroes!

Tablea is made of pure cacao or cocoa, our version of dark chocolate in Lipa City, Batangas.

IMG 2056

It is called Tablea because they are molded into small coin tablets and packed by 10s.

The Tablea we sell are wrapped in ordinary brown paper. This must be the original way they were wrapped since groceries and supermarkets were then unheard of.

Historically speaking, this was the favourite drink of Rizal, Mabini and their hero friends.

This is also my favourite breakfast drink. I steep the hot drink with Peppermint, Java/Spear Mint, Tarragon or whatever herbal may be available.  Also, the pure cacao tastes good in Champorado (Rice boiled with cacao).

Get your Pure Batangas Tablea at Php40/50 g pack

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