Tabasco Pepper Sauce and health benefits


Tabasco is the trade name for a bottle hot sauce that originated aground 1870.

Tabasco Pepper Sauce is made from a hot Tabasco pepper. The peppers are made into a mash, and then fermented for three years before being made into sauce by blending the peppers with vinegar and salt.

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The sauce is extremely hot, use to with caution and think of it as liquid heat. Tabasco Pepper Sauce can soothe sore throat pain caused by a cold, mix, ten drops Tabasco Pepper Sauce in a glass of water and gargle with the spicy solution.

The capsicum in the Tabasco Pepper Sauce numbs the throat.  Capsicum was considered by some to be stimulant for sluggish digestive systems, effective in curing sore throat, malaria, colic and alcoholism.
Tabasco Pepper Sauce and health benefits

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