Symptoms of Liver Disease


Liver disease is often called a disease that attacks the body’s organs in the liver. If this section has been stricken with the organ function as a blood filter will not be maximized so that your metabolism will not be controlled.

If liver disease has entered a serious stage will cause bleeding if our hearts are not working anymore. Then the red blood cells also automatically will decrease due to liver function is not smooth anymore.

And so, for this liver disease does not attack us, then we have to stop early on the way to recognize the symptoms of liver disease. The symptoms of liver disease are as follows:

  1. Whole body skin yellowish, including the eyes, feet or hands. If not promptly treated skin is skin color will be long lost.
  2. Issued urine will be colored brown like the color of tea.
  3. Often had the name of nausea in the stomach.
  4. Appetite decreased, so that your metabolism is inhibited.
  5. Conditions weight decreased.
  6. Often also vomiting.
  7. Symptoms of diarrhea
  8. Color when defecating looked pale.
  9. Usually the upper right abdomen will be sore.
  10. Easy to feel tired while working, causing the body uncomfortable and lazy to indulge.
  11. Experience itching in all parts.
  12. The blood vessels will increase.
  13. The more low-sugar produced by the body.
  14. The parts will feel muscle aches and pains
  15. Sometimes a fever and a mild stress
  16. Decreased sex drive

Health is very expensive in value and is very important, if we do not pay attention to our health it will affect the arrival of various diseases that will attack. Therefore, no other way to living a healthy life senangtiasa easy for us to avoid various diseases. Please read also other health information about ovarian cysts.

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