Symptoms and Conditions Cause Brain Cancer In Children


Brain Cancer Dangers

Brain cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases, brain cancer directly attacks the central human organ, the brain. Various methods and treatments to cure brain cancer, but not the only treatment for the leading cause of brain cancer is not yet known with certainty.

Lots of information and research conducted to determine the main cause of brain cancer and brain cancer cures so that the risk of brain cancer deaths can be reduced. Do you know if brain cancer does not only affect adults, for brain cancer in children.

So the brain cancer can strike anyone regardless of age, it is good we try to live healthy so that they can avoid this deadly disease. Here we quote from onlymyhealth are 5 conditions that allow brain cancer can strike children:

Symptoms or Conditions Cause Brain Cancer Kids

1. Certain conditions are genetically influenced

Certain genetic conditions such as neurofibromatosis, and retinoblastoma particular syndrome can also cause brain cancer by causing changes in the genes or chromosomes. Genetic condition can be inherited from parents to their children.

2. History of brain cancer from parents
There is a risk to the development of central nervous system tumors in children who have a family history of brain cancer.

3. Gene abnormalities

Some abnormalities in genes can lead to uncontrolled cell growth and cancer. Chromosomal rearrangements also cause abnormal gene.

4. Radiation Therapy

Children who receive radiation therapy to the head due to the treatment of certain diseases, may increase the risk of tumor growth. Tumors in the brain can be a problem because it causes stress and damage to the surrounding area and develop into cancer.

5. Exposure to chemicals

Some chemicals may change the structure of the gene that protects the body from illness and cancer. People who worked in the oil refining and nuclear and chemical laboratories, higher risk of cancer. If it was not him who has cancer, the risk may occur in children.

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