Swollen feet after giving birth

Swollen feet after giving birth

How to cope with swollen feet after childbirth – For new mothers after childbirth causes of leg swelling is normal, and will certainly seek remedy swollen feet after giving birth

Nearly all the women will also experience swelling throughout the body in the foot. Here are some tips on leg swelling after giving birth

  • For the mother should keep drinking water at least 2 liters / day
  • swollen legs give birth should never hold urine, mostly a lot of new mothers who gave birth to normal especially often hold pee, fear not kering2 seams and sore, but it is not at all
  • Never hang a leg. klo sit well propped his feet a little, it’s also easier for breastfeeding moms
  • Try to smear bobokan leg with rice, kencur, sour and a little salt.
  • If a week has not kempesn swelling immediately consult with your doctor in order to be given the right medicine, and do not use herbs

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